Tuesday, November 9, 2010

300 Sigma Kappas Makes Thanksgiving Look Like A Piece Of Pie

BZ, Zeta, Baltimore, NOVA and DC Sigma Kappas
Some ladies need to find a good excuse to hang out with their sorority after graduation. I don't have that problem, but if ever there was an opportunity, Founders Day is it. Every year they drilled into us how critical this celebration was every November, and here I am four years out of school and schvitzing if we haven't locked in the program by July.
Alumnae In Attendance

This year was worth every bead of sweat. The collegians at GWU and University of Maryland put together a beautiful program for over 300 Sigma Kappas. We had Kate Michael (Epsilon Epsilon) and Ann O'Connell speak about life after college and motivating the troops to stay involved.

But the real gold is just like any family reunion, you grown about going, but are so glad you did. There are so many stories to catch up on every year, and new tales to tell - like how I am the only person IN THE WORLD who can mess up a bread maker; or Deanna filling us in on the benefits of a Cuisinart to THE NINJA.

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