Sunday, June 27, 2010

But That's My Stapler

Not something I would usually find blog worthy but it's been driving me nuts. Maybe you can relate.

Will Hunt You!

Sometime between 5p and 4a, little elves creep from under the desk into the newsroom, and shop in my desk. One day it's the stapler, or post-it notes, and forget pens - I might as well just get them inscribed...'take me please.'

All of these are replaceable so I just write it off as 'playing nice with the other kids on the playground.' But the one item that seems to garner respect among my office-mates is my pair of scissors.

Do Not Steal!
 It's the one tool that gets used every day...clipping articles, cutting newspaper bundles, wagging at people etc. But they always make it back to my little holder on my desk.

Well this week, my scissors walked. Not pointing fingers (can't point the scissors when they're missing),but when the scissors go missing - we all suffer. (Mixing a little Catholic guilt in now.)  I have since bought another pair but these have been outfitted with warning rhetoric. Wakapow! Play nice now!

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