Monday, March 1, 2010

Awkward Elevator Deja Vu

As host for a training workshop for our alumnae sorority chapter, I offered the conference room in our very delicious apartment building, last Saturday. Hey it was free and a super easy commute for me.

Jamming out of Chez Copa, carrying entirely too much for one trip - I grabbed my frothy java brimmed coffee mug too. Sloshing into the elevator, nice neighbor to the rescue, offers to help me carry the boxes. What a nice guy, I would have offered to carry the coffee. After a polite but much appreciative decline, he insists and next thing you know we're on our way to the conference room - coffee saved! (Listen you momma bears with love connection on the brain - you just cool your jets.)

On the trip down twelve floors, he stops me to ask where we know each other from, apparently I look familiar. Sure - often a common pick-up line in DC but his face was genuinely contorted as he scanned his Rolodex of Facebook pics in his head. Not surprised - I get it a lot - it's the round face and blue eyes - I look like everyone's cousin's best friend. Offering a couple possibilities, we still can't figure out where he knows me from. Note: I don't know this kid from Adam - not an ounce of recognition and I made no attempt to pretend otherwise.

Arriving at our destination I showered him with appreciation (more for saving the coffee than the heavy lifting. - SHOCKER) but he can't shake the deja-vu. Being that we're neighbors, I introduce myself as Jen.

Literally - my tongue rests on the 'n' and he finishes 'Richer?' As my eyes swell to the size of grapefruits, I hesitate, "how do you know me and I don't have a clue who you are?"

"We went out on a date about a year ago, and I never heard from you again."


My caffeine induced response, "Well I guess I can't hide from you now, neighbor."

Of course I will keep you kids posted but suffice it to say....way to go Richer.

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