Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Freebie....For All You Foodies

Every year the gastro-snobs (and my personal heroes) over at Washingtonian Magazine publish their 100 best restaurants list in the DC area, and every year I whore myself out for a free photocopy from a subscriber. (Usually linds, but she canceled her subscription last year.)

So I have been looking everywhere online for a free downloadable copy - I finally just broke down, braced the 18 degree weather, and bought the issue from up the street.

Heads up Washingtonian - from the web desk - I would have paid for this content on-line and no I'm not talking your ginormous database hoakie pokie monster you've got going on on your website- I just wanted a list to print and post to my fridge - like every other year. So Linds and I can fuel our Type-A list obsession on open-table.com. You failed so I'm giving this away.

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