Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of All The Gin Joints In All The World

Three dudes walk into a bar....

(crystal city sports pub) and sit down at my table. Two younger dudes and one on the more mature side. What are they drinking? Miller Lite and Blue Moon. I'm busting their chops as per usual...we get to talking...and about 10 minutes into the banterfest my friend DJ pulls me aside to ask me if I know who they are.

Let's see: they don't work for CNN, they weren't recently elected, and they haven't caused an international crisis, so that's a big NO. "They're ball players for the Philly's," she tells me. Of course that was completely lost on me. It's like trying to explain to my mother what Twitter is.

So for the next hour I continue to razz them as I would any other poor sap who sits near me at my beloved pub. Rocking a couple of gynormous diamond rings (World Series rings I was later told) I asked Brett (Myers) what he needed so much bling for? His girlfriend must like the way he looks. To which he responded he was a little partial to. Understandable I guess.

As the evening wound down, at the ripe ole time of 10:30 Cole (Hamels) told me he was peacing out. I called him a wimp. It's 10:30 and we all have to work tomorrow, he could afford to hang out for another 30 min and have another blue moon. "Some of us have real jobs," he shot back continuing the banter. Visibly offended I retort "if I could make it to work in the am so could he."

"My job is physical," he said to which I volleyed, "What are you a brick layer or something?" Never once did they tell me what they did. That's real character kids.

Of course the second my boys realized who I was jee-jawing with they proceeded to run over and pay homage to my new friends, resulting in free beers for the Philly boys. Brett and Cole thanked them but modestly refused. Jaime (Moyer) stepped in and graciously accepted them and invited the guys over to chit chat.

Great guys - all of them - especially entertaining my complete ignorance. Funny side note- as I'm telling this story to Linds (roomie) she goes - I was going to tell you a Jaime Moyer's her law professors son! Ha! It's like 6 degrees of Chez Copa.

The best reaction so far came from my colleague Bill Thompson. With his mouth agape at my blatant disregard for baseball greatness - he says to me - "Jen you are like the Female Forrest Gump." Thanks....I think. I love that he assumes I would have acted any differently had I known/cared that they were more then just three awesome bar mates. And yes, as they left, I wished them good luck on their game today. Having realized I knew all along I knew who they were - they thanked me and smiled cheekily.

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  1. Momma always said to marry someone with a guaranteed contract and a wicked hanging curve ball!


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