Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Russian Cabin Fever

I would hurt someone.....not because of the confined space....because I couldn't talk. Mom used to ask my sister (3 years younger) how her school day went. She never asked how mine was. Just a daily briefing a la Jen's whopping 6-hour class schedule would run her minimum 45 min. By the time we hit recess she either changed the subject or left the room. I was seven, you can imagine how our phone calls go at 25.

 New York Times 3/31/2009
MOSCOW — On Tuesday, six people will be voluntarily locked into a cloister of cramped, hermetically sealed tubes woven inside a Moscow research facility the size of a high school gymnasium. They will eat dehydrated food, breathe recycled air and be denied conversation with practically everyone else but one another.
And they must stay inside for 105 days.

In a small step in the direction of Mars, the international crew is embarking on a simulated flight to the planet to test the limits of human tolerance for the isolation and monotony of interplanetary travel.

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