Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm Sorry, She's a Dumbass.

I read the B.I.O (by invitation only) section of the Washington Post Express (free commuter version of the WaPo) every work. Attribute it to the closet-case, very repressed, hopeless romantic in me.

But I was crying I was laughing so hard when I read this couple's story of how they met. I laughed obviously because it's funny but more so because I totally envision either my darling sister, or my oh-so-direct best friends assuming the role of the mother in my true life story. Do you see it?

Kirsten Kedzierski
, 26 Scot Hinshaw, 34

Kirsten and Scot will marry December 5, 2009 in Toledo, Ohio.

Scot Hinshaw and Kirsten Kedzierski1. How did you meet?
The couple met at a hotel in Costa Rica while attending different destination weddings. Kirsten caught Scot's eye by the resort's pool, and he approached her. When she explained she'd attended a wedding the evening before, he invited her to be his date at his friend's wedding that evening. "I politely declined, but something struck me about him," she says. "When I mentioned this to my mother, my mother marched down to where he was and said, 'Hi, I'm Mary. I'm sorry my daughter is a dumb-ass. She will attend the wedding with you tonight.'" Kirsten did. The next weekend, Scot traveled from D.C. to New York to attend a Yankees game with her, and the rest is history.


  1. And people always wonder how I got so sassy....bless my dear Mother.

    Thanks for posting this to your blog!

    I only wish our story was not limited to the word count it was - they edited out the majority of the funny parts! I tried bailing (on the wedding) and after telling a resort bartender about the invitation and that I intended to bail, he dragged me into the reception and was shouting "Is there Scot a here in this place?" in broken English. And even when Scot finally did visit me in NYC the next weekend I never really had Yankees tickets. I never thought he'd show up. When he did show up I had to sell my soul to the devil and buy $500 tickets from a scalper....ugh - love!

  2. Yeah, I don't know anyone like Kirsten's mom...

  3. hahahahaha. i love this. that's gonna be me, watch.


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