Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Few Of My New Favorites

Last month, the spring clean bug bit, and for a solid week poor Linds had to put up with me pulling everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out of the closets so resort, reorganize, and PURGE. Our apartment looked like the centerfold for Real Simple magazine. But after I tossed, ebay-ed or donated all the crap, I realized I made space for new treasures! Here are some of my new favorites that have filled the void. Luckily for both of us - they wont be going away anytime soon.

The first thing to go was the old make-up. As bad as Mom wanted it to, blue eyeshadow is not making a comeback. But I did make room for some Dior Eye Shadow Palette in Rosy Nude. It's a splurge I know, but really it's like getting 3 separate pallettes in one. With five different shades I can do natural to smokey to daywear with one set. Not to mention this guy looks small but even using it everyday - it will last me all summer. 

It was also time for me to toss my powder. I've been trying to go without foundation just to keep the pours clear, but I've tried the bare minerals and it never sits well. I end up looking really greasy rather than glowing. So I tried the Diorskin Forever Invisible Retouch Powder over my Clinique tinted moisturizer. What a difference! I usually have to reapply my powder during the day - I don't because I'm busy (or lazy) but I should. This lasted all day. And it  goes on so smoothly I didn't end up looking cake faced. 

My last little reward was a new cookbook. I pitched four, so I figured I deserved one. But I'm prejudiced - the recipes have to be easy, the ingredients have to be few and inexpensive, and the result has to look AND taste impressive. Enter 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know.  The only beef I had with it was that the title limits it to women - these turned out so good - I wish men would sneak a peek too. I was so impressed with the date night favorites like Engagement chicken as well as the easy I-don't-feel-like-cooking-for-this-dinner-party recipes like Impress His Family Chardonnay Cake. Done and Done. 

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