Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ideal Husband @ Shakespeare Theater

No, not my ideal husband - they're still manufacturing him on the island of perfect men, should be delivered at a quarter to never, this is the latest Shakespeare Theater Company production. Linds and I went to see the show last Sunday night at the new Sidney Harmon Hall.

The story is as snarky as the costumes are breathtaking. Written by Oscar Wilde 100 years ago, the satire's cynicism still bites today, and what a better spot for a political satire than DC . The story circles around a prominent London politician, known for his upstanding morals, matched only by his wife. But his success is overshadowed by his dark secret that created to his wealth.  (Sound familiar?) He must choose between letting his wife down, or lose public face and power.

As tense as that story line is, there is plenty of comedic relief. A friend of the politician, with his razor sharp tongue tries to help the situation, but his price is nearly stealing the show with his bumper-sticker zingers and witty repartee.

Yes, it was that good. Go see it now through April 16th.

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