Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ladies and Gents Step Right up...We Have a Sucker!

Ugh I hate to admit this but after months of defiantly ignoring the buzz of the DC Real World circus, I finally have been sucked in. Don't get me wrong, I love me some junk reality tv (did anyone say Real Housewives?) but I'm not going to lie, I think I'm hooked (don't worry John - not LOST hooked, just enough to not gag every time it's mentioned in a conversation.)

There was a story this morning in the Reliable Source about a Bethesda woman signing the waiver while intoxicated, and now she's suing. Apparently, while she was trying to lure a cast member away from his girlfriend, she came off as a bit snarky to say the least. So here I am, 6 am in the newsroom, reading the original filing trying to track down the appearance on

Thank goodness they post the episodes in full online - but because I have no frame of reference.  I had to sift through the episodes and babaBLAM - that's when I was sucked into the black hole of another junk tv show. Sucker! It's not even that good - it's like watching sophomore year all over again only this time as the outsider.

Looks like I will be loading this crap onto my ipod for my flight next week. I have 20 hours to kill after all. (DC to Hawaii for Carlys Grad+ Hawaii to San Diego for Rachael's Wedding+ San Diego to DC for reality= 20.)

This one kills me - for all you fellow wonks - just watch the kid in the WH briefing room - Gates is going right over his head. Flashbacks of my Freshman year culture shock. (Then you realize everyone has a one-sheet at their finger tips. That comes senior year.) And he had the opportunity to do a poli-toon for the now defunct Washington Times. Dun Dun Dunnnnn. For the Digi kids in the house - I know you're thinking it too -way to reach out to the dead-tree versions kid - where is your millennial ingenuity!

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