Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Is Not Goodbye..Just A See You Soon

 Over the last couple of months, we said "see you soon" a couple of longtime WMALers as they both were offered fantastic opportunity and other radio stations. Shari and Ernie, both leaders for the sales department, made their exits out of the Jenifer Street building within a week of each other! Gonna miss you both!

Shari was my partner in crime when it comes to intimidation via heels and strait up determined flair. She is the one I stole the expression firecracker in a jar of mayonnaise from. But to me she was more than great one-liners. She is my big sister.

"Jen I love this pic of us and I LOVE YOU! Ur amazing and I'm so lucky to know you and call you "friend"! Keep the high heels clickin!! You r now the official "firecracker!" oxox" - Shari

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