Thursday, December 18, 2008

Omigod, Omigod You Guys!

Nothing like coming home only to be jumped and blindfolded by 5 glamorously dressed women, dragged out to a car, and submitted to a blasting of the recently released "I am ....Sasha Fierce" Album.

That was how my adventure began last night! But when the Pashmina was finally removed I knew instantly what was in store.

And I have to say, I lobbied for a solid month, exploiting each of the Copians' weaknesses for information. To their credit, not one sliver of information. Damn!

Since hearing the news they were rewritting one of my all time favorite stories for the stage (who doesn't love a smart blonde?), I was determined to get tickets to see Legally Blonde the Musical.

So I was a little confused when none of the girls shared my enthusiasm when I suggested getting tickets. Little did I know, Katie was killing herself trying not to hum our new them song, Omigod, Omigod You Guys!

And yes, it is a simplistic story line, and the 90 % in attendence also asked for Jonas Brothers tickets for Christmas, but the cast was great, a stage change every 5 minutes, and did I mention there were puppies?

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