Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've All Seen These

You've seen these Washingtonians, but with gas prices falling to $2.09 at my local Exxon its harder for me to resist the urge to push the elevator button to L instead of G2 in the morning.

The former means bracing the icy wind, to fight for a seat on the metro, but save the environment and feel better about myself. The latter is straight shot from heated garage to heated garage by way of heated car. I get the radio, road rage, coffee time, and save money. You wrestle with this dilemma while I share a little humor for the am. (ps. I have been guilty indulging in the latter in case you were wondering)

WASHINGTON - In train stations, at bus stops, online, even on our coffee cups, Chevron ads are trying to convince us that the key to ending our energy crisis is individual action. Over pictures of everyday Americans, taglines from Chevron’s “Will You Join Us” ad campaign read:
“I will leave the car at home more.”
“I will take my golf clubs out of the trunk.”
“I will replace 3 light bulbs with CFLs.”
“I will finally get a programmable thermostat.”
“I will consider buying a hybrid.”

All good ideas, certainly, but no matter how many clubs they’re carrying in their golf bags, no matter how many light bulbs they change, no matter how hard they consider that hybrid, the folks at Chevron could probably do a little more.

Here are a few suggestions for Chevron’s ad team:

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