Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back In The Day

...We didn't have to pay for lunch or luggage. What is going on people?

There is nothing that fries my ass more than hidden charges. Similar to the half truth response of ...you look great (except for the bang disaster you have going on..) airlines should be upfront with there costs. This makes absolutely no sense in the race to save a nickle. Rather than defiant fliers, like myself (see earlier article), paying the $15 charge for luggage and the $5 lunch box fee, I will be one of many trying to shove my overstuffed over weighted bag in the overhead compartment, not amenable for full flight capacity.

I, and 90% of my travel companions will have to wiggle back out of the narrow aisle to check my bag at the gate - ending up just were it would have original and without a silly surcharge. But with 300 fellow fliers following the same protocol, our flight is now delayed, the port authority has charged my airline and they will be forced not only to lay off my flight attendant (need my Diet Coke!), try to bump up my luggage charge, but now pass their late fees onto me. That's just silly folks.

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