Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now what were you thinking!?

While working at the Park, we really got to know the Morauw family very well, including the kanine members. Scooby, I can assure you, is harmless. WTF!

Officer Fatally Shoots Dog On Christmas Eve
WASHINGTON - A D.C. man is calling for an investigation after his dog was fatally shot by a police officer on Christmas Eve.

Michel Morauw said he was walking Scooby, a 2 1/2-year-old boxer, in a small park near 24th and N streets Northwest just after 11 p.m. on Monday. According to the police department's incident report, an officer said he was on patrol and entered the park "when an unleashed dog attacked him."

The report said the officer fired his weapon and struck the dog. Morauw said he is still in shock over what happened. He acknowledged the dog was not wearing a leash at the time, but he said the boxer posed no threat.

Morauw said Scooby was eight to 10 yards away from the officer. The dog was frozen in fear, Morauw said. Police said these kind of encounters are not unusual, and officers have been trained to address them, News4's Derrick Ward reported.

"The Humane Society of Washington, D.C. gave us a link to check out," said Lt. Samuel Golway of the department's firearms training unit. "They had a good training video. We've shown it basically from to April of '06 to December of '06 and in '07 we've been showing it during the inservice training."

Morauw, general manager of the Park Hyatt Washington Hotel, described himself as very supportive of the police, but he said he can't understand how this happened. "It's a family dog. We have three kids. It was Christmas night. There was no reason," Morauw said.

The incident is still under investigation, and the officer involved is on active duty. There was another incident in which a pet dog was killed by a police officer that led to the inclusion of the video in the department's training regime, Ward reported.

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