Friday, December 14, 2007

Back By Popular Demand

OBNX Sweater Party Is HERE!

Take a break from those boring Holiday Parties and come have a beer! But first let me tell the tale of said festivus.

In the wee formative years of the social institution Pink Cashmere, a young leader emerged to initiate an event so perfect, so brilliant, many have described it as Legen……wait for it…..dary! That’s right Legendary!

It was one single evening above the rest, where those with classic puffy paint sweaters could mingle along side snowflake skiing pullovers, Ralph Lauren knits, along side 3-D Christmas tributes.

Well that party master has exported his talents this year to teach English in France leaving the ladies of Chez Copacabana to pick up the slack (typical Jon Tollefson right?)

So what is this grand gala you may be asking about that has Jen gushing (you all know it doesn’t take much). It’s the annual Obnoxious Sweater party!

Lets clarify, this is NOT your average holiday party oh no, nor is it an…..Ugly Sweater Party, those are so clich√©! And it is NOT one of those insider parties where everyone-knows-everyone-else type deals and you feel like the schmuck making small talk at the punch bowl full of Santa’s Sangria!

This is the legendary come one-come-all from all walks of life and a social network, even the most seasoned bureaucrat couldn’t keep straight. It’s the cool kids clubs of the chez copa network.

Time to cut the crap: The stats-
We have basic supplies, but in never hurts to bring your favorite brew or vintage.
Call time – 8pm Saturday 12/15
Chez Copa
(2000 S. Eads #1227, Arlington VA 22202)

Parking – anywhere and theirs plenty, just avoid the actual building’s lot, they are nasty little elves who tow.

Metro – Crystal City on the blue and orange line. Take the only escalators available to the surface and walk to 18th street (on your left hand side.) Hang a right and walk in the direction of the Sheraton (under the bridge). Then hang a left and walk to 20th. We are the huge building Crystal House II on your right hand side. Just buzz in and come upstairs.

Don’t worry if you need to crash at copa, we have plenty of space!

Cell Phone #s
Jen 202 431 9063
Linds 516.459.3089
Katie 202.431.9749

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