Friday, July 27, 2007

Bite Your Tongue

National St. Hotties Day - The day dedicated by the ladies of pink cashmere to honor the hotties of the world kicked off three years ago. The patron saint - who else - Val Kilmer or ICE MAN! On this holy day of worship followers watch at least one film starring the stud!

Well some of our confused worshipers has wondered from our saint, and blasphomously espoused doubt. To you I say...big boys need love too! See below.

Linds: National St. Hottey, Val Kilmer has put on a little weight. We may need a new idol. (I know jen, its blasphemy)

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  1. we may need a new holiday to honor those who have fallen in the battle for hottness, national st. hottie's veterans day. what do you think


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